The power of the local environment resides not in how near it is to us, but in how close we are to it.


Self portrait in Mametz Wood - Rob Hudson.jpg

Born in the Rhymney Valley in 1968, conceptual landscape photographer and photography writer Rob Hudson now lives in Cardiff. He has developed a vision for landscape photography that embraces ecological concerns and seeks to develop our appreciation of our land through sharing the stories we tell each other of the experiences of the land. Immersing himself in his local surroundings enables him to both develop new ways of expressing these experiences and to critique the way landscape has hitherto been portrayed. 

His work is often influenced by poetry, which allows him to explore ideas about metaphor and narrative in his photography. In 2014 he was the first to realise the significance of the photographs made by the poet Edward Thomas during his 1913 journey from London to Somerset that became Thomas’s prose work In Pursuit of Spring. Little Toller Books subsequently republished an edition of the book including those photographs. 

He is a co-founder of the landscape photography collective the Inside the Outside group whose stated aim is to ‘mediate the liminal space between the words before and within us’. 

He has exhibited across the UK and he has written extensively for a wide range of books and magazines. See more in Exhibitions and Press.